Piano Repairs

Pianos are filled with over 5000 moving action parts. Just one note has between 50 to 60 individual action parts. Lots of things can go wrong, but are easily fixed.

Repair on Site: Many common piano repairs can be completed relatively quickly on site; e.g., Sticky malfunctioning keys or dampers, broken strings, pedals, hammers, casters, loose tuning pins.

Repair in Workshop: Some repairs require special tools or more time than can be provided on site. Often it is only necessary to move some of the parts and not the entire piano to the workshop for repair.

Cleaning: Pianos accumulate a lot of dust and grit which can affect performance. We offer complete cleaning of case, action and soundboard, including dust under the strings.

Scratch Removal: Pianos commonly get fine scratches over time and loose that brilliant shine. Have your piano buffed and polished back to near new as possible. (limits apply).

Small chip repair: Small chips can be repaired and re-filled on both Shellac and Polyester finishes.

Regulation: How the piano plays and feels, its speed, power and repetition, are often a function of proper regulation.

Voicing: The tone of the piano can be manipulated – usually mellowed. Have your piano come to life by changing the tone by voicing. Every piano should have that Steinways sound. (Steinway voicing method used.)

Piano Repairs Sydney
Piano Repairs Sydney
Piano Repairs Sydney
Piano Repairs Sydney