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Piano Products

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Prices are available on the booking page. Selecting products while making a reservation is recommended, so the product can be delivered and time required to supply or install.

Humidity Products

Damp Chaser Heating Rod

Piano Life Saver

Piano Life Saver – Regulated heating rod with controller.

The controller will turn the heating rod on or off depending on the humidity levels in the room.

Himidity Meter

Humidity Reader.


View the humidity levels in your home to know if your piano needs attention. Pianos prefer humidity levels between 40% RH to 60% RH no higher than 70%RH.

Speak with your piano technician for advise should you have humidity issues in your home.

Soft Close Mechanism

Soft Close Mechanism for pianos that did not come with built in soft close

Upright Piano Cover

Upright Piano Cover Black

121Cm upright piano

Made from Velvet


Grand Piano Cover

Grand Piano Cover S/M/L

Made from Cotton

Polishing Products

Piano Cleaner polish

Piano Cleaner is ideal to use if you have dust buildup, water marks or greasy build up on your piano.

High Gloss Piano Polish

This high gloss piano polish is ideal for keeping your piano clean and shiny while lowering the level of dust that settles on your piano.

Autosol Metal Polish

Metal Polish to bring back that origional shine to the brass parts of your piano. Pedals, hinges and locks.

Accessory Products

Antique Glass Caster Cups

These Antique looking Glass Caster Cups are ideal to replace the not so pleasing plastic caster cups, giving your piano a more classic stylish look.