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Before My Appointment

Before My Appointment.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the epidemic of Covid-19, you are required to contact us IMMEDIATELY to cancel your appointment should someone in your family show flu like symptoms or if you have returned from a high risk country (+)(#).

We highly recommend hearing a mask.

Please refer to the guide below.

Before your appointment

We highly recommend you read our T&Cs so you know what is covered and what is not. Click Here.

To get the most out of your appointment, please read carefully the following points.  Should you choose to ignore, your appointment maybe terminated at your expense.

* Before your appointment, Please ensure everything is off the top of your piano.

* Someone must be home at least 60min before your scheduled appointment time as previous appointments can sometimes complete earlier than expected. (Please note we are unable to work around the school run. Please make other arrangements as a safeguard).

* Silence! Absolute silence is preferred, Talking to a whisper. The better we can hear your piano the better the tuning.

* No walking back and forth past the piano as this disrupts the sound waves we are listening for.

* No Cooking or cleaning please. Cooking alters the humidity effecting your piano being set and smells are also extremely distracting.

* Running water creates white noise. please retain from running water such as doing dishes during your appointment.

* If you have purchased a new Kawai piano and this is your first appointment, please ensure you complete the Owners Registration Card before your appointment.

* A fire exit must always exist. Ensure your front door is NOT deadlocked with a key.

* All smoke alarms must be in working order. Should they be beeping low battery, ensure it is replaced before your appointment. If you are
unable to replace the battery before your appointment, please let us know and we will bring a smoke alarm with us.

* No Smoking.

* Parking must be provided, either visitors parking spot or your parking spot. Street parking is permitted only if within a 50m distance from your building. Should no parking be available, your appointment will be cancelled. Paid parking spots will be added to your invoice.

* This page must be shared with others who will be present during your appointment.

  • We tune modern pianos using modern methods and use the app Cybertuner (R) specifically designed to set the pitch on modern pianos as a tool to assist setting the pitch on the piano. We then tune the piano by ear thereafter.  If you wish for your piano to be tuned not using this method and you prefer the old less accurate method, you will need to contact us ASAP to cancel your appointment so that we can make alternative arrangements.

Your appointment will take between 1 to 2 hours depending on circumstances and condition of your piano.


Keven Jenkinson (ARPT) is fully vaccinated.

+unless an exception applies
#Your appointment will be terminated if you choose not to comply.