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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In this document, "you" and "your" refer to the customer of Piano Services by KJPIANOS.

"KJPIANOS", "the tuner" and "us" refer to the piano technician.

By confirming your appointment, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions (T&Cs):

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the epidemic of Covid-19, you are required to contact us IMMEDIATELY to cancel your appointment should someone in your family show flu like symptoms.

Please also refer to coupons and discounts.


By confirming your appointment, you agree to the Terms and Conditions specified on this page.


Appointments and Cancellations

We DO NOT offer free cancellation of appointments if you forget your scheduled appointment or are responding to the courtesy reminder text sent to you. A $110 admin fee will be invoiced to you.
Should you fail to pay the admin fee, your details will be sold to collection agency who may report the debt against your credit rating.

You may cancel or reschedule an existing appointment for any reason providing it is more than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.
If you are unable to keep your appointment, please make every attempt to cancel it at least 24 hours in advance.

Someone must be home at least 60min before your scheduled appointment time as previous appointments can complete earlier than expected.

KJPIANOS allows customers to make informed decisions based on the information provided. See https://kjpianos.com.au/bma

KJPIANOS may cancel or reschedule any appointment for any reason, at any time.

KJPIANOS online booking system will automatically cancel your appointment should you not confirm your appointment electronically using the "Confirm Now" button provided in all of the reminders that will be sent to you via either text or email.

Failure to keep appointment (no show)

If you fail to keep your appointment without notifying us, we are entitled to charge a callout Admin fee of $110 in order to recuperate our losses,

Complimentary tuning provided by Music Store.

The first free complimentary tuning provided by your Music Store is considered complimentary only and is not binding by the store or KJPIANOS.

Failure to keep your scheduled appointment, you will therefore forfeit the complimentary tuning. Standard charges will apply thereafter.

You acknowledge and accept KJPIANOS is a service technician contracted by your music store, who reserves the right to priorities its own full fee paying customers ahead of music store customers.

Payment Terms

Full payment is due at the end of your appointment unless you pay in advance or make other arrangements with us in advance. Direct Deposit terms are strictly the due date on your invoice. Direct Deposit is given to you in trust and you agree to the terms specified on the invoice. Failure to settle your invoice within these terms, will incur administration charges of $30 per month and you will be black listed. Recovery Charges and all legal Costs will be payable by you, should legal proceedings commence. KJPIANOS reserves the right to rescind all discounts given when accounts fall overdue. You may pay with a credit card* (Visa, MasterCard,Amex), PayPal* or cash. No cheques accepted.

Coupons and Discounts

Coupons and discounts cannot be used with any other offer unless approved in writing by the tuner. The service that is described in the coupon or discount offer must be performed by the expiration date that is indicated. There is a limit of one coupon or discount offer per service and per appointment. In other words, more than one coupon or discount offer cannot be redeemed on the same service or in the same appointment. The coupons and discount offers carry no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to another person. Any coupon or discount offer that is not redeemed before its expiration date is forfeited.

Discount coupons and deals cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and are void for last minute bookings (bookings made with less than 3 days notice).

Should you cancel or reschedule your appointment and more time passes since your last tuning, you will loose the incentive discount previously offered.

Sydney Lock Down
KJPIANOS has been given permission by Services NSW to resume trade as an essential service. Should you choose to cancel your appointment, KJPIANOS reserves the right to refuse any discount including loyalty card program free tuning. Should KJPIANOS place you on a lock down waiting list, discounts and loyalty cards will be honored once verified.

Discount coupon supplied by Extreme Piano Removals cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
KJPIANOS reserves the right to reject any/all deals or discount offer including Extreme Piano Removals.

If the price of a service changes between the time that you arrange an appointment and the date that the service is rendered, you will be charged the lower of the two prices.

Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with an already discounted price already offed Invoice/Quotation form.

Loyalty card program free tuning can only be redeemed if used within 15 months of last tuning date or as advised by the technician. KJPIANOS reserves the right to refuse any discount including loyalty card program free tuning should this time line not be followed.

Loyalty cards become invalid should you use someone else not associated with KJPIANOS during the offer period.

KJPIANOS reserves the right to place company stickers inside pianos and date a key it has serviced. Should you not wish for a company sticker to be placed in your piano, please advise us asap. A note will also be placed on your account with your request.

* Seniors Card is welcome with the following conditions. 10% off the price of tuning is offered to customers of KJPIANOS only. Customers referred from another company or business, are not eligible for the offer. Seniors Card discount cannot be used with any other offer.


In the event you are not satisfied with any work carried out by KJPIANOS, You must contact KJPIANOS within Seven (7) Days from the appointment date the incident occurred. Failure to notify KJPIANOS of the incident within the seven (7) days period regardless of the circumstances or natural events, will therefore absolve KJPIANOS of any responsibility or liability as other factors such as environmental conditions, type of use and multiple other factors outside the control of KJPIANOS can affect your piano.

Work Authority

By confirming your appointment, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document and understand your responsibilities. You authorize KJPIANOS to perform work on your piano. You understand that KJPIANOS have trained piano tuners to perform piano tuning, maintenance and repair work. You understand that, if a string in your piano is rusted or brittle, it may break as part of routine piano tuning, maintenance or repair. You also understand that the increased tension in the piano's structure that results from tightening the strings may exacerbate existing cracks, or cause new cracks, in the piano's plate or soundboard, if the piano is not strong enough to withstand a normal tuning. You release KJPIANOS from liability for broken strings or cracks that result from normal piano tuning, maintenance or repair. You waive all claims against KJPIANOS and the tuner for any damages to this piano that are incidental to the piano tuning, maintenance or repair work that is rendered, unless the damage is caused by negligence. You understand pianos are made primarily of timber and environmental conditions such as changes and humidity and temperature are out of control of KJPIANOS and its technicians.

You certify that you are the owner of the piano. If you are not the owner of this piano, you assume all liability for any claim made as the result of the piano tuning, maintenance or repair work performed by KJPIANOS.

You acknowledge the longer a piano goes untuned the harder it is to get it back into tune. If the strings sit for too long at the wrong pitch it can make the tone a little more unstable than it would have been. In some cases, pianos may require additional tuning in order for the strings to become stable. Also, strings can rust and get "stuck" at various friction points, increasing the possibility that they may break when stretched. Please refer to the FAQs page. CLICK HERE

Neglected pianos can develop sticky keys, or become the victims or insect or rodent infestations. We recommend a follow-up tuning after three to six months after the initial tuning, after that your piano should return to the minimum maintenance schedule.

Warranty work on behalf of Kawai Australia

You acknowledge and accept KJPIANOS is a service technician contracted by Kawai Australia who reserves the right to priorities its own full fee paying customers ahead of Kawai Australia warranty claim customers.


Refer offer is no longer available.

This document is subject to change without notice. Visit www.kjpianos.com.au for updates to this document.

* Mobile credit card fees apply.