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Squeaky Pedal

Squeaky Piano Pedals

There are many reasons a pedal might be making noise. This is one common solution you could try.
Turn the middle pin.
1. Move the piano bench or stool away for clear access.
2. Open the bottom door under they keyboard by pushing the metal clip up to clear the top of the door, then pull towards you. The door will open and can be fully removed.

3. You will see the pedal assembly. On your piano you will have 2x butterfly screwed pedal rods and a black wire for the middle pedal. You are interested in the right pedal or screw, but don’t turn it yet.

4. Hold the butterfly screw rod with thumb and fingers tightly as possible.

5. Push down on the rod and twist everything a half turn. This will reposition the bottom of the rod in a new position. This usually fixing the issue.

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