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KJPIANOS is one of the leading piano tuner /  Technicians in Sydney.

We provide a modern approach to Piano Tuning for Upright and Grand pianos.  (Pianos under 40 years of age only)

Field technician for 4 Sydney stores.   KAWAI accredited piano technician.  www.kawai.com.au

We have been bringing joy to many people since 1989.  Contact us today for a free and friendly over the phone assessment.*

KJPIANOS is fully insured up to 5 million dollars. EXP: 04/09/2018.

KJPIANOS has WWC clearance (Working with Children). Details provided on request.

Keven Jenkinson
Piano Tuner / Technician, ARPT

Contact Hours

Mon - Fri   8:30am - 6:00pm
Sat   10:00am - 2:00pm
Sun   Closed

Quality Piano Tuning


Professional Piano Tuning should only be done by a Qualified Piano Technician that has the appropriate training, experience and interpersonal skills.

How Often?

Pianos manufacturers recommend Tuning every 6 months, minimum at least once every 12 months and it is recommended to have your piano tuned up to 4 weeks after being transported to allow it to settle.


Piano Tuning Cost Standard tunings for all pianos in the local region is from $180 (under 3 years). If your piano has not been tuned for more than 3 years, additional tuning maybe required called pitch raise. For Pitch Raise is from $240.  Repairs are estimated upon inspection. Bookings are essential.


My piano has not been tuned for a long time, will a standard tune be enough?

Generally not. The first tuning will put the octaves back in line and improve it greatly, but this tuning will settle and need one or two more tunings to stabilize the pitch. (In seven years the piano has missed approximately fourteen tunings.)

What is Concert Pitch?

Concert pitch is a reference point (A440) that every instrument around the world is tuned to. This means that if one instrument is played alongside another instrument, they should all sound in tune with each other.

What is a Pitch Raise?

A pitch raise is the tuning process used to dramatically stretch the pitch of a piano when it’s notably “flat”. A piano that’s more than a quarter of a semi-tone (25cents) flat is usually considered to be too flat to achieve tuning stability with a single tune. In this situation we provide the service to bring the piano up to “concert pitch” with a pitch raise which would cost from an extra $70 on top of the standard piano tuning fee.

Should I move my piano away from the wall before the piano tuner arrives?

No, this is old school and is only required for tuners who are struggling to hear the piano clearly.

How long does it take to tune a piano?

A standard piano tune normally takes an hour to an hour and a half.

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